Empyrean Eye


Raised from the skull of a slain Titan, this celestial relic appears to be little more than a spherical bit of granite and quartz until it’s used to channel magical energies during which time it comes alive, shining with prismatic light.

Though the Orb possesses little magic of its own, it does act as a key to accessing the magic held within the Empyrean Handbook, a book of spells used by the Titan who once acted as the prison’s guard.


When used in tandem with pages from the Empyrean Handbook to “prepare” spells, the celestial runes that represent the spell appear in chromatic rings around the sphere’s equator as the old abjurer meditates over a spell while the orb is placed upon the spell-sigil in the corner of that spell’s page.

Cabot, who was only vaguely aware of magic before coming into possession of the Eye and Handbook, noted that the eye seemed to respond to the Moon Elf, Menelri’s touching the loose pages of the handbook and surrounded him with a magical armor the moment he held it in his hands, along with the knowledge of how to cast a number of other spells.

Empyrean Eye

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