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  • Home Page

    [[File:434888 | class=media-item-align-center | Determination.jpg]] *** This is the front page of our campaign. We are tackling a big adventure and plan to escape as soon as possible. Make sure to visit the Wiki page for updates on our adventures. …

  • Discovered Items

    Here a listing of the special or magical Items received in the World's Largest Dungeon: [[Empyrean Handbook | Empyrean Handbook]] [[Empyrean Eye | Empyrean Eye]] [[Bracers of Defense]] [[Cloak of Support]] [[Masterwork Weapons | Masterwork …

  • Monsters Encountered

    Here is a listing of monsters our group has encountered during their journey: [[Darkmantles]] [[Devil, Imp]] [[Hyenas]] [[Kobolds]] [[Lycanthrope, Wererat]] [[Ogres]] [[Orcs]] [[Owlbear | Owlbear]] [[Rats]] [[Stirges]]