Samirus Mezeluth XXIII

Hideous Exile (lvl 4)


Dragonborn Fighter/Cleric
Alignment Chaotic Good
Background Hermit
Current Experience 4280

Armor Class 19 (Chainmail and Shield)
Hit Points 38
Speed 30 ft.

STR 18 ( +4) DEX 8 ( -1) CON 15 ( +2)
INT 8 ( -1) WIS 16 ( +3) CHA 9 ( -1)

Saving Throws Str +6, Con +4
Skills Athletics +6, Intimidation +1, Medicine +5, Religion +1
Senses Passive Perception 13
Languages Common, Draconic, Orc (The Chunch Grunt)
Proficiencies All Armor and Shields, Herbalism Kits, Simple and Martial Weapons
Features Action Surge, Discovery, Divine Domain (War), Draconic Ancestry (Gold), Fighting Style (Defense), Fire-Breath (DC 12; 2d6), Fire Resistance, Second Wind, Spellcasting, War Priest

Cantrips Sacred Flame, Spare the Dying, Thaumaturgy
Domain Spells Divine Favor, Shield of Faith
Prepared Spells Cure Wounds, Healing Word, Choose one more lvl 1 spell

Equipment Backpack, Bedroll, Crowbar, Common Clothes, Hammer, Hempen Rope (50ft), Herbalism Kit, Packet of pink dust, Pitons (10), Rations (10 days), Scroll Case full of notes, Torch (10), Tinderbox, Waterskin (5), Winter Blanket
Gear Hand Axe (2), Longsword, Silver Dagger
Money Pouch 3gp, 2sp



Personality Traits I had been isolated for so long that I rarely spoke, until I met Chunch. I feel the need to help others, to an extreme.
Ideals I defend the innocent, and especially those I deem friends or allies. I empathize with those who suffer and work for their safety.
Bonds Nothing is more important than being able to protect the weak or incapable.
Flaws Ugly as shit.

Appearance Samirus is a Dragonborn with Gold skin. His “hair”, which is actually cylindrical scales, was partially cut during his exile and nearly completely gone by his first real adventure. His face is severely scarred, one eyelid is almost entirely closed with scar tissue. His jaws and maw are mangled with deep cuts and are slightly off center. His tongue is split further than normal from a previous fight with an ogre. His arms and legs are nearly mutilated, but healed. Think of his portrait as one that was painted of him as a youngling.


Samirus was brought up in a very wealthy family, in one of the most respected of the Clans, the Ynsieff. The Ynsieff Clan was regarded as the best in cutting and setting precious Gems, in turn they were the sole owners of the mines of the Gems.
Naturally, as Dragonborn, they were equally skilled in combat. As such, Sam began swordplay at the respectable age of five and making his skills known publicly in the annual Clan Matches at the age of 14, where he became known as Drtestra Ano Krekka Ynsieff’sa or in common, Flaming Sword of Ynsieff. This was due to his skill at keeping his sword blade so hot that it would remain ablaze for many hours. It was also during this year that Samirus defeated Save’los, his older brother of 27 and Blademaster of their Clan during the very same match.
Showing such promise as a Blademaster, Samirus’s father, whom Sam was named after, made a decision. One that would begin a chain of events in Sam’s life and cause his eventual downfall. Samirus Mezaluth senior, made Sam heir to the throne over Save’los and forced his elder son to teach Sam in the ways of being Blademaster so he may replace Save’los once he turned 18, the appropriate age of Master.
Three years of training and Sam was by far better at fighting and teaching than his brother. His father was more proud at having such an honored son of the Clan than he ever was of Save’los, and made a point to make his views known on many an occasion. Naturally, Save’los had been losing his patients with his father and his younger brother. NEVER has such a disgrace been seen in the Clans!! To be made subservient to a younger brother, let alone one of 13 years no less!!!
One night, while Sam was sleeping with his wife of two years, Save’los came in, dagger in hand. Sneaking into their room, Save’los covered Sam’s wife’s mouth, and slit her throat. To the sounds of his wife’s moans and tossing, Sam woke. Upon seeing his brother pulling the bloody blade from his wife, he became so enraged that, without thinking, he grabbed his brothers arm and jabbed his own blade up through his brothers jaw and into his skull. In grief, Sam howled in agony at his loss, drawing shouts from the nearby rooms of the family servant’s quarters and his parents bedroom.
Lost in his rage, Sam continued to mutilate his brothers corpse, stabbing and slashing relentlessly at his body. When his father came into the room and saw what his son was doing, he cried in his grief at seeing that Sam had killed his only other son.
During Sam’s trial overlooked by heads of the Clans most powerful family’s, which included Samirus Senior, Sam was found guilty of murder by his own father, who could not come to accept that it was indeed his own choice to make Sam heir to the throne that caused Save’los to attack Samirus’s wife. Indeed, Sam’s father kept his wife’s murder hidden from them. Sam’s sentence: Exile from the clans, to be killed on return.
Many years later, Sam awoke from an induced memory loss caused by his father after the trial, gaining help from a group of adventurers that made him part of them. Confused most of the time and gaining only bits and pieces of his memory, Sam came to the realization of what happened. Once it returned in full, he ran to the woods in such grief, that he never wanted to be near anyone. It wasn’t until he met a strange half-orc he dubbed “Chunch”, that things began to change for him again.

Samirus Mezeluth XXIII

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